Privacy Policy Notice


The purpose of this notice is to explain Waller Smith & Palmer’s Privacy Policy with regard to “Personal Information” that we obtain, as defined by Connecticut Public
Act 08-167.

Waller Smith & Palmer’s policy is to protect and safeguard Personal Information that we obtain concerning our clients, employees and other individuals. This information
includes, for example, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, state identification card numbers, account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, passport numbers, alien registration numbers or health insurance identification numbers, (“Personal Information”). Note that, with respect to clients and former clients, our Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit the unauthorized disclosure of a broader range of confidential information. Furthermore, with respect to our employees and other individuals and entities, other statutes and/or regulations may prohibit our unauthorized disclosure of information beyond that defined in Public Act 08-167.

Waller Smith & Palmer makes reasonable effort to:

1. Prevent the unauthorized disclosure of Personal Information about our clients, former clients, employees, or other individuals to anyone, except as permitted or required by (a) law, regulations, or court rules; and (b) any applicable Rules of Professional Conduct.

2. Protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers, limit access to them, and prohibit their unlawful disclosure.

Although the Firm’s policy is to limit disclosure of Personal Information, litigation, investigations, hearings, and certain other adversarial proceedings are governed by law, regulations, and court rules that may authorize or require disclosure of such information to judicial, administrative, or governmental authorities or other parties to the
proceedings, depending on the issues involved.

With the exception of certain Vital Records which may have particular legal significance such as original contracts, deeds, and original and unrevoked wills, codicils or trust
agreements (“Vital Records”), Waller Smith & Palmer may destroy your file ten (10) years after we have concluded our representation of you in this matter without
further notice to you. Vital Records may be destroyed only after we have provided you with thirty (30) days written notice to your last known address. We may choose to
maintain some or all of your file in a secure electronic format. Except for Vital Records, paper copies of other documents may be earlier destroyed if preserved in a secure
electronic format.